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Pandya Store: Rishita supports Pandya

Pandya Store: With the help of Rishita's plan Pandyas discover Shweta's true intent


Many more high-voltage twists and turns are on the way in Star Plus's popular hit show Pandya Stor. The audience is in for an entertaining drama.

Popular and Top Channel's Show Pandya Store on Star Plus is currently preparing for high voltage twists and turns with high voltage drama.

As per the current episode Deven pushing Dhara away and running, shocking everyone Dhara collapses to the ground, while Deven flees through the back door, with Shiva pursuing him

Everyone checks on Dhara and looks at Swetha, making her wonder what's going on.

Pandya Store reveals true face of Shweta's

Rishita informs Shweta that she has revealed her true identity to the family members and shows her the live feed of the kitchen and backyard.

Shweta realizes her secret has been revealed and falls to her knees in front of Suman, telling her that she is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Shweta is slapped across the face by Suman, who drags her through the courtyard toward the exit.

Suman pushes Swetha out the door, throws her luggage outside, and asks Krish to contact a lawyer for his divorce from her. Krish closes the door in Swetha's face, his cold eyes betraying his feelings for her.

Is Shweta's chapter finished?

How will the brothers deal with Krish after Shweta's betrayal breaks him?

Let's wait and see what happens in the Next Track.

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