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Pandya Store: Wow! Shweta's evil master plan interjecting poison in Pandya family

Pandya Store: Wow! Shweta's strategy of interjecting poison into the Pandya family

With its gripping storyline and intriguing twists, daily soap Pandya Store has won everyone's heart.

Fans completely identify with each character in the show and lavish their affection on the three couples, with Shiva and Raavi frequently topping the charts as their favorite.

In the upcoming episode, Rishita reveals to Dev that the person who pretended to be Shweta's cousin at the wedding was actually Chikoo's father.

Shweta's First's Day in kitchen

Shweta, on the other hand, calls Raavi to remind her that today is her first day in the kitchen and she needs her assistance.

Raavi informs her that she was not informed.

Shweta takes advantage of this and provokes Raavi, claiming that Shiva is upset with her (Raavi) for leaving for work without giving him breakfast.

Shweta also mentions that the Poha she made in the morning had too much lemon in it, so Suman didn't like it.

 Raavi, she claims, is unconcerned about her work and responsibilities at home. Raavi is upset about this.

Will Dhara and Rishita find out what Shweta is up to?

What comes next?

Let's wait and see what happens in the Next Track of Pandya Store

Keep checking for more news and gossip.

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