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Pandya Store: Dramatics! Rishita's master plan to expose Shweta with the help of Deven

Pandya Store:Dramatics! Rishita's master plan to expose Shweta with the help of Deven


Rishita would flirt with Deven in the upcoming chapter of the Pandya Store serial in order to entice him to come to the Pandya residence.

So far in the serial Pandya Store, Krish has imposed a condition on Swetha that she deliver Chiku to him and the Pandya family before escaping, which has put her in a bind.

Meanwhile, Rishita has made Dev aware of Swetha's true objectives and persuaded him to assist her in exposing Swetha to family members.

According to serial spoilers, Rishita obtains Swetha's phone and begins messaging Deven in order to entice him into her scheme.

According to reports, Rishita continues to flirt with Deven under the guise of Swetha and invites him to the Pandya home in the evening to collect the jewellery.

Swetha Intentions towards Pandya Store

The Pandya family will learn about Deven and Swetha in the following episodes thanks to a video Rishita shot of them revealing Swetha's true intentions.

In upcoming episodes of Pandya Store, we'll see if Swetha can prevent herself from getting fired.

What is going to happen next? Will they all discover the truth?

Stay tuned for more information on the future episode, which will provide answers to all of our queries.

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