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Written By: LGW Desk on October 18, 2022

Pandya Store: Shweta Faced Dhara's Anger

Pandya Store: Shweta is chastised by Dhara for rebelling it on Pandyas

Be prepared for Pandya Store with high-voltage drama twists and turns.

In the upcoming episode of the popular show Pandya Store, Suman says to Gautam at the beginning of the episode, "patrani" was going to tell you about your next move but Dev dragged her away."

When Suman overhears Rishita screaming, she begs Gautam to take her to her room. Dev scolds Rishita for attempting to spoil Krish's happiness in the meantime.

To Rishita's horror, he goes on to accuse her of spreading false information about Shweta and harbouring jealousy for her.

Dhara is pushed to the wall by Shweta who begs with her to listen to her one final time before acting. Dhara tries to escape but Shweta tells her in a dejected tone that she still finds it hard to trust that anything wonderful could come into her life.

Shweta tries to convince Dhara telling the truth

Deven is further accused by Shweta of blackmailing her, and Deven was forced to lie as a result.

Dhara on the other hand is still unconvinced and slips free of Shweta's hold to unlock the door. Dhara is surprised to see Krish and Chiku standing there.

Are you eagerly waiting what will happen next? 

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