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Written By: LGW Desk on September 27, 2022

Pandya Store: Krish beats up a guy who caused trouble to Raavi

Pandya Store: Krish beats up a guy who caused trouble to Raavi

A guy who was looking forward to misbehaving with Raavi, stating that Raavi puts her images in a bikini on social media.

Raavi makes him kneel by slaping him down the floor.

Krish hears Raavi’ screaming and arrives to situation there to have look. 

Krish beats the man for trying to take advantage of Raavi.

His dad and mom and the shop proprietor prevent Krish beat the guy to death.

The man blames Raavi up onto his parent's even strats to speak rubbish about Raavi.

Shweta selects her lehenga

Raavi cries, the shop owner calms that guy’s parents down and makes them take a seat whilst he pushes Krish.

Krish throws the shervani, On the other hand, Shweta likes a lehenga, but places it again after looking at the price tag.

Dhara sees this and asks Shweta if she doesn’t like that lehenga.

Shweta says that she favored it, but that it’s highly-priced.

Dhara insists Shweta buy that lehenga. 

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