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Pandya Store: Happy News for Pandya Store! Dhara succeeds in the custody of chiku


Pandya Store: Chiku will live with Pandya Store


When Shweta's parents choose Dhara as Chiku's custodian, Dhara wins the custody dispute in the forthcoming episode of the Pandya Store series.

In the serial's current plot, Shweta marries Krish with the intention of using her parents' money to flee to Dubai once Chiku has a father.

To get her parents' money, Shweta used Krish, Chiku, and Deven in a trap akin to Chess.

Dhara, on the other hand, is completely and selflessly in love with Chiku.

According to Pandya Store teasers, Shwetha's parents arrive and inform her that Dhara would make all decisions regarding Chikoo until he turns 18 years old.

Chiku Enjoying playing Games

Shweta, who was playing chess with Chiku and used him as a piece, finally loses to Dhara after realising she will never receive the property because it is in Chiku's name and Dhara now has custody of Chiku.

Watch to see how Shweta responds in the upcoming episode of the Pandya Store serial after she loses to Dhara in their carefully planned chess match.

We don't want you to miss the drama when it gets more intense.

Watch the Upcoming Track to see what happens next.

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