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Written By: LGW Desk on October 18, 2022

Pandya Store: Happy News! Loan is granted to Pandya Store

Pandya Store: Thanks to Rishita

Daily soaps Pandya Store is preparing for some high-voltage drama to increase the entertainment factor.

Gautam informs the family that Rishita is to thank them for their loan being granted.

Rishita informs Dev that she has secured the loan and that they will receive five lakhs the next day.

The most challenging requirement is that the borrower must pay back the loan amount plus interest within 15 days.

Challenging Part for Pandya Store

Dev adds that they have a loan for 25 lakhs at 30% interest for two years.

They have agreed to offer 5 lakhs as a down payment.

They have 15 days to return the 5 lakhs with 10% interest, not two years.

Rishita is questioned by Gautam about whether these terms are introduced to every loan they make.

Once Rishita confirms, Gautam signs the loan documents.

What will happen next, do Gautam will sign the loan documents?

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