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Pandya Store: Dhara’s strategy to make Raavi appreciate her feelings for Shiva

Pandya Store: Raavi Feeling For Shiva (Love in the air)

Pandya Store, a popular Star Plus hit show is preparing for some unexpected twists.

Shweta believes she needs to be by herself in the room to cope with Dhara. She swiftly begins looking through the black bag once everyone has left, and she is relieved to find it to be empty.

Rishita is walking nervously in her room in the meantime because she fears Shweta will use Dhara as a pressure. Dev catches her as she tries to leave the room.

Rishita is then told by Dev not to make any more mess since Suman will be furious with her.

Packing to move to another location

When Dhara opens her eyes, she is startled to discover Shweta hovering over her head. Dhara refuses to answer Shweta's questions regarding what she knows about her despite her wicked smile.

While they wait for each other to speak, Shiva and Raavi are busy packing at another location.

On the other hand, Rishita tells Dev that she will do whatever it takes to prevent Shweta's vidayi from happening.

What will happen after that? 

We don't want you to miss the drama when it gets more dramatic.

Watch the Upcoming Track to see what happens.

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