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Patiala Babes:Sardar Singh's emotional regret blesses Hanuman Babita's jodi

Patiala Babes: Sardar Singh's emotional regret blesses Hanuman (Anirudh Dave), Babita's (Paridhi Sharma) jodi 

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Patiala Babes is up for new drama and twist.

Sardar Singh that is Imarti's father has reopened Imarti's case and is all set to fight it out.

While soon circumstances will make Sardar Singh realise his mistake as Hanuman's good deeds will come out infront of him.

Hanuman will thus bring Sardar Singh to his haveli and welcomes him like he needs to be done as per rituals.

Hanuman and Sardar Singh's emotional moment

Hanuman washes his feets and makes him eat jaggery and water like the traditional rituals and does rituals of son-in-law.

Sardar Singh apologize to Hanuman for what all happened and added to his pain of losing Imarti.

Sardar Singh even blesses Hanuman and Babita's jodi and asks Hanuman to not lose her and move ahead in life.

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