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Imlie: YE TO HONE HI THA! Dhairya Smitten By Imlie Negates Atharva Comeback


Imlie: Dhairya Holds Feelings for Imlie Replaced Atharva in Rana Villla 

Star Plus quite promising show Imlie is again high on drama flame with its storytelling of drama post leap of five years. 

Dhairya has successfully replaced Atharav in Rana family and handles the bussiness singlehandedly. 

Whereas Imlie's life is still stuck at the five years back herself in her daughter's Memories. 

With time seeing Imlie's cute nok jhok Dhairya has fallen for her. 

Rudra Rana requests Imlie to Move On 

Rudra Rana ackowledges Dhariya's feelings for Imlie. 

In the upcoming story we are about to see Atharva's father Rudra requesting Imlie's himself to marry and move on in her life.

All Rana family members are aware about Imlie's mental condition of raising the illusion that her daughter is still alive.

Sweing her life stuck at the 5 years before stage of her pregnancy and Atharva's death Rana family members are worried for Imily and suggest Dhairya as best partner for her.

Imlie will be shocked to here there heartily confession and suggestion to move ahead past Atharva's memories. 

In the forth coming times Dhairya character is about to grow more feelings for Imily and he will wish that Atharav never return so that he could continue living with Imily. 

In the future drama Dhairya will become one of the most prominent villian between Imlie and Atharva's UNIOUN. 

What will happen when Imlie will discover Dhairya passionate feelings for her. 

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