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Published By: LGW Desk on May 01, 2023 11:22 AM (IST) | Publication:

Imlie: Badi Mom Supplies Filth of Hatred To Chini for Carry!

Imlie: Chini Gets Called Nanny of Carry by Badi Mom 

In Star Plus serial Imlie, drama is building up to an extreme level with the showcasing of current episode of drama of leap of five years taking Chini, Imlie, Atharva, Dhairya and Carry on different paths. 

It is been showcased that Carry is five years old daughter of Imlie who is been kidnapped by her own father at a age of five. 

Atharva misunderstood Imlie big-time and taken away her daughter to Goa where Chini joined them. 

He has many issues unresolved from Imlie which lead him to start afresh with Chini and Carry. 

Chini is changed Because of Carry 

The same Chini who was plotting and planning alongwith Bade Mom is now all new due to entry of Carry is her life which she considers alike her daughter. 

Taking benifit of the situation to throw dustbin on her thought process on Chini Bade mom called her and even said her mere a caretaker for Imlie's daughter and Atharava. 

What do you will happen when Atharva will be found not to be dead by Imlie at Goa beach. 

Will Chini retrace the path of evilness to keep her small family of Carry and Atharva's intact. 

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