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Imlie: Celebrations! Imlie and Carry Summer Camp Union Planned By Destiny

Imlie: Imlie to Come Face to Face with her Daughter Carry 

One of the most interesting show featuring on Star Plus Imlie is showcasing top-notch drama with starting of new chapter in Imlie's life post her daughter was considered to be died. 

Rana family in lack of awareness of the reality consider atharva and Imlie's daughter to be dead but Imlie heartily believea that her daughter is alive. 

Where on the other side Atharva is leading a small happy family with Chini and Carry in a small resort in Goa. 

They could hardly meet and ends and even struggles to fullfill wish of their daughter to go to summer camp. 

Atharav is using his art of singing to earn some money to send his daughter to the summer camp as per her wish but he is unaware that this summer camp is also about unite his daughter with her mother Imlie. 

Imlie Teaches Childrens At Summer Camp 

In her daughter's memory Imlie has kept herslef surrounded with childrens and her heart makes her belive that her daughter is safe and sound wherever she is. 

Imlie and Carry are about to have a filmy Confrontation in the summer camp where Imlie's heartbeat will raise feeling some connection with that cute little girl. 

Let's see how long will destiny keep Imlie ans her daughter away from each other. 

Will Imlie recognise Carry? 

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