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Imlie: Saas Bahu Tamasha! Imlie Turns APSHAGUNI for Ranas

Imlie: Atharva(Karan Vohra) Accident Gets Blamed on Innocent Imlie(Megha Chakraborty) 

In the latest episode of drama-ladden Tv serial Imlie we saw Imlie getting the much needed hype with the news of pregnancy getting decalered by Doctors. 

With Imlie reaching out to Atharav herslef to announce this news she will fail to reach out on time and before that Atharav car will face a acciden. 

Post then the show is about to explore a leap where Imlie and Atharva will be shown leading different lives and Atharav will be considered dead by the Rana's. 

Post humiliation Imlie will be thrown out of the house. 

Imlie Leads Single Journalist Life at Danik Bhasker Post leap 

Post Imlie will lose both Atharva and her child she is about to leave a single lifestyle. 

Imlie will be thrown out of the rana villa by Deviki and Rudra balming Atharav accident and all the uproarimg problems on her. 

Being already broken after her misscariage she is about to lead a single life with Bandar mama and her mami. 

Let's see what will happen when after 5 years Imlie and Atharva will have a meet up. 

How Cheeni got married with Atharav in this time period? 

Is this all indicating towards a memory loss sequnece to you too? 

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