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Published By: LGW Desk on April 26, 2023 11:35 AM (IST) | Publication:

Imlie: OMG! Qala Character to Grow in Grey Shade! Rana Family Dismantled


Imlie: Dhairya and Qala Granted Permission to Stay at Rana Villla 

Star Plus serial Imlie is showcasing some much interesting twist and turns with arrival of Dhairya and Qala like a storm in Rana Villa. 

In the latest episode we saw Deviki condition growing better and Rudra taking promise from her to allow Dhairya have a better adulthood than his childhood in darkness. 

Qala sacrifice of not demanding anything from Radra has made a positive character arc of her till now. 

Soon Qala character is about to be shown in negative lights in presence of Deviki humbleness in letting Qala stay with them. 

Unlike what everybody thought Qala is about to turn a quite negative charcter where it will be shown that she is actually a gold digger who contained her Affair with Rudra even after knowing he is married only to become rich. 

Qala to Change After Imlie Pregnancy 

Qala behaviour towards Rana members to change. 

Imlie who bring Qala in Rana Villa will be blamed for everything. 

Let's see how and when Qala real face will be unveiled. 

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