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Imlie: Pregnant Imlie Abandoned by Atharva! Memory Loss Drama Suspected

Imlie: Atharava Losed Memory in Accident 


In Star Plus quite popular show Imlie is geared up with new twist of memory leap with Imlie announcing her pregnancy and Atharav left Rana mansion with news of Dhairya living with them. 

Atharava is pissed off on Imlie for not joining him on leaving the Rana Villa so, he wants Imlie to be with him in this decision. 

Somehow Imlie will not be able to reach the destination and the news of Atharava hitting an major accident will shock the core of their love story. 

In the upcoming episodes, a memory loss drama is suspected where Atharav is about to transform into a new personality after his accident. 

Let's see if this turns out to be a act for disowning Imlie or whether he losed his memory for real. 

Atharva Settled happy Family with Cheeni 

Years later, Imlie and Atharva are about to confront each other. 

At that time Atharava is shown with a daughter with Cheeni and Imlie turns childless. 

Let's see how things goes when she informs everyone Atharava survived the accident. 

Will Imlie be able to make him remember their love? 

Will Atharva return in Rana Villa?

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