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Imlie: Is Imlie About to Marry Dhairya Post Leap?

Imlie: Cheeni Becomes Rana Family Bahu Post leap 


Star Plus serial Imlie is showcasing some much needed drama with its recent storyline of Imlie and Atharva separation and Leap Twist in the serial. 

Atharav will marry Cheeni in the future story only to avenge Imlie. 

What Imlie did in her passion to bring justice has ruined her life and marrige.

Atharva is about to take the biggest step of breaking all his relations with Imlie after Deviki will lose her life in heart attack. 

Imlie will become the culprit of death of Deviki for Rana family  members and Atharva most importantly. 

Imlie And Dhairya Remains Friends 

In this gap of 5 years Dhairya will be shown falling for Imlie who is completely unaware of the fact. 

As per spoiler Imlie would be still working for Bhasker times and Dhairya and his mother Qala will be seen having a close knitted relation with Imlie. 

Dhairya would have become a Rana too but Imlie post the leap will be shown losed out on everything. 

Let's see how after confirmation of Aatharav settled happily with Cheeni, will Imlie as well move on or not. 

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