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Imlie: Imlie vs. Dhairya!! Imlie Sting Operation On Rana Transport Bussiness

Imlie: Imlie Announced as Director of Rana Travel and Transport Bussiness 


Serial Imlie straring on Star Plus is showcasing new curves and turns of drama with Imlie replacing Atharva as the director of Rana bussiness. 

As the declaration time approached closer Dhairya bind high hopes regarding him getting the position. 

Dhairya hopes were grounded badly when Imlie name was announced in the party. 

Imlie's still life is having a tornado of drama with Imlie getting to know her new sting operation in Bhasker timed to be targetting none other than her own business company. 

To keep her mother's reputation she made the decision to do justice to both the works. 

Imlie New Sting Operation Discreet from Rana Family 

In this new assignment, Imlie has company of Atharva who listened her talking over call. 

Now, let's see will Dhairya let Imlie complete her role honestly. 

Or, will Imlie put Dhairya in a shock state proving her worth? 

Stay tuned about the drama in Rana business over inheritance of bussiness with none other than Latest Gossips WU. 

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