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Imlie: New Villian Dhairya Ravaging Imlie-Atharva Marriage


Imlie: Imlie-Atharva is writing contemporary love story 


In Star Plus famous Hindi daily soap Imlie, Atharva and Imlie are out on their first date to Pagdandi with whole Rana Family. 

The Ranas had a great fun experience in the village and Imlie's Dadda did a great job in welcoming them. 

Imlie and Atharva came closer while Imlie is relishing her childhood in the Pagdandi. 

To impress Rans ladies Rana men's took command of the kitchen. 

While they were returning they gets mobbed by a energy of goons trying to steal their jewels and precious belongings. 

Imlie denied them to give her bangles which is memorial of her mother Imlie. 

She fought those attackers with bravery and saved Rana family, even shivani Bua sings praises of Imlie there after. 

Dhairya to tear apart Imlie-Atharva 

Later in today's episode a new character gets introduced who seemed interested in Imlie. 

Imlie has replaced him at the workplace in a manufacturing company and to take his revenge the man sent goons over Rana family. 

Later Dhairya will turn out the man on whom Rana business has imposed fake charges for fraud of 50 lacs. 

How Imlie will understand the whole matter to do justice with Dhairya? 

Do you think this man will turn Imlie's life upside down in the upcoming episode. 

Let's see what happens in the upcoming episodes of the Star Plus serial Imlie. 

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