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Imlie: Imlie-Atharva "PAGDANDI DATE" wrecked by Goons


Imlie: Imlie and Atharva Goes on a date to refresh Imlie's childhood memories 


In serial Imlie, the fresh starting of Imlie and Atharva second marriage is founded on blessing on all Rana family members. 

Some of the best cheerful moments are knocking on Imlie's doors with Atharva and Imlie celebrating small happiness of thier life with family. 

Rana families prerpares their trip to Pagdandi which is Imlie's favourite place. 

Imlie seems delighted to meet her Dadda who gives her memories of her mother Imlie to her while bidding Adiue to her. 

In the current episode we saw whow slowly and steadily  Atharva and Imlie are crossing all awkwardness and are writing new chapter of their love life. 

Goon Attack gets downright Tackled by Imlie 

In the current episide we saw that Imlie with her bravery and smartness escaped from goons who were their to rob Imlie and Atharva. 

Later on Atharva's danger threats the goons spilled the truth that they are sent by someone called Dhairya. 

This name seemed known to Imlie, let's see how the drama shapes in the presence of this new charcter in Imlie's life.

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