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Imlie: Psycho Cheeni Vomits her KALE CHITHE on her Wedding Day


Imlie: Cheeni Instigated smartly into giving up on list of her deeds in open 


In Star Plus DHAMAKEDAR serial Imlie, drama is taking breath-takings twists and Turns with 

Cheeni is on the Mandap in the recent episode ready to marry Atharava and her dream is coming true. 

Right at the moment Imlie reached there only to confess a fake love confession. 

But the fake confession infuriated Cheeni for real to such an extent that she decides to spit the fact placing her dedication in love for Atharva above Imlie's love for him. 

In heat of the moments Cheeni started confirming her crimes. 

Cheeni spits out her spoilers of sin 

Malini signed off the media and repented Cheeni's foolishness in unveiling herself. 

To prove her daring love for Atharav in which she has committed all kinds of sin she said it all in front of Rana family. 

Rupi holds Cheeni from her hands and drags her to the outside of the wedding podium. 

Cheeni is about to be sent to jail for trying to murder her own younger sister Imlie. 

Let's see for how much time Cheeni will stay there and how she'll make a comeback? 

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