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Published By: LGW Desk on March 19, 2023 10:25 AM (IST) | Publication:

Anupama: Anuj Meets Maya Without Involving Anupama


Anupama: Anuj Decides to Meet Maya keeps it a Secret from Anupama 

Anupama serial is revolving with new kind of drama and twists. 

In the latest episode we have seen that Anuj anger outbursts has broken Anupama's heart. 

Anuj gave statement that he feels suffocated around Anupama as she makes her recall his defeat. 

Anupama dealt with it and let it past thinking it as an impulsive statement. 

No, Anuj doesn't seem to have any revenrence for the women who took his daughter away from him but he meets Maya to settle a deal. 

Anuj offers Maya a BLANK CHECK. 

Anupama has no idea for where Anuj has left for, any follows her. 

Anupama Sees Anuj and Maya Outdoor 

Anupama is aware of Anuj's Critical mental health post Choti,-Anu has left. 

Being a grief-stricken father Anuj can't settle with the wordly things anymore. 

He has decided to give his all to his daughter. 

Stay tuned with Latest Gossips to see whether Maya will accept the amount or, will melt eyeing Anuj's condition. 


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