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Anupama: Maya Reads Choti-Anu Dairy Melted to Return Her Back

Anupama: Maya Manipulation will End by Seeing her daughter crying hiding behind a fake Smile 


Serial Anupama is geared to showcase the biggest drama that no one would have imagined. 

Really? Yes, we have got this spoilers from the sets that Maya may return her daughter to the original foster parents who have raised Choti-Anu until now. 

We have seen in the latest episode how Anuj and Anupama are dealing with the biggest trauma of their life post Choti-Anu has left them but Choti-Anu is also sailing through the same pain after leaving her parents. 

Maya is doing every possible tactics to keep Choti-Anu engaged into something or other but at the end of day she sees Choti-Anu crying with Anuj and Anupama picture in her hands. 

Oversighting her lovely daughter going through this major emotional arc Maya's heart is about to melt but a new twists is about to put stamp on Choti-Anu comeback to MaAn. 

Maya reads Choti-Anu secret Dairy to know what is in her heart

To know whether Choti-Anu really misses her previous family and has is compromising with Maya out of sympathy as Maya is alone, Maya checks out Choti-Anu handwritten personal dairy. 

Maya will be stunned to see what confessions are written inside it and decides to return Choti-Anu to her original and rightful possion. 

So, the upcoming episodes are about to be fierce on drama note, be prepared with Latest Gossips WU for the accelerating drama in Anupama. 

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