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Anupama: Maya Meets An ACCIDENT Choti-Anu Again with Anuj-Anupama!!


Anupama: Choti-Anu and Anuj-Anupama shedding incessant Tears after Separation 


Star Plus drama filled amazing Tv serial Anupama is again ruling drama charts because of the on-going track of Anupama and Anuj separation from their daughter Choti-Anu and each other as well. 

Anuj and Anupama and Choti-Anu all are evenly crying and the only person happy between all this chaoes is Maya. 

Maya is manipulating Choti-Anu with the emotional threat that after choti-Anu will leave her, which makes Choti-Anu forget her pain ecah time. 

How long will you thinks this bubble of manipulation will work? 

Maya Decides to Give Choti-Anu to Anuj and Anupama 

According to the latest gossips we are getting to hear Maya can meet an accident in nearby future where her character change will happen when she'll decide to return Choti-Anu to Anuj and Anupama ans consider this to be her fate. 

Maya is connecting the accident with result of Karma. 

Will Choti-Anu re-enter Kapadia mansion? 

Will the happy family reunite again? 

The distance created mid Anuj and Anupama will then cut off naturally. 

Follow serial Anupama to see what else could possibly happen in the future story. 

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