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Anupama: Anuj Takes Overdose of Sleeping Pills!


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Anupama: Anuj can't sleep from Many days in Choti-Anu's absence takes Barkha Sleeping Pills as a Help 

Star Plus showbiz Anupama is boiling with a new twist that is Anuj and Anupama separation followed by Reunioun. 

In this separation track of this power couple we can see how Anuj feels irritated of Anupama easy move on and even confronted Anupama with his harsh words. 

We can expect the reunion arc to showed in the upcoming track of Holi but for now Anuj is sickening day by day. 

Dheeraj(Anuj's friend) is about to be shown with a special entry who came to give goodnews to Anuj and Anupama about his and Devika wedding. 

He will leacture Anuj about his behaviour concerning Anupama to be unjustified. 

Anuj breathes heavily saved by inches from going into Coma 

The floor below Anupama's feet slipped hearing how Anuj could have slipped into coma if would havent taken to the hospital by right time. 

Anupama is seriously ill Herself after being detached from her daughter but 

In the following episode we will see Maya and Choti-Anu coming to see Anuj and Anuj getting hyperactive despite critical condition to see his daughter. 

What could you think can be in the destiny of Anuj and Anupama? 

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