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Written By: LGW Desk on March 19, 2023

Anupama: Anuj resolutes to Starting On Fresh Slate With Anupama

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Anupama: Dheeraj comes for Rescue of his friend Anuj slipping in Depression

In Star Plus famous show Anupama, Dheeraj(Anuj's friend) and Deevika(Anupama's friend) have came in Kapadia mansion with a joyful news of them getting married. 

Anupama is outwardly very happy for Deevika but when they go inside to have a one-on-one talk Anupama's dam of emotions broke. 

Dheeraj on the other end did his best to make Anuj understand not to lose love of his life whom he found after so many prayers. 

Anuj seems to listen to him, but soon the lunch table discussion and Anuj's impulsive reaction to it are about to harm their relationship further. 

But HOLI ruined the connection between Anuj and Anupama 

Anupama is wearing a smile on her face to keep Anuj out of depression but when she mention this approaching HOLI to be their first HOLI as a couple Anuj loses his mind. 

Anuj is raged over Anupama for leading a normal life as if she hasn't lost anything. 

These words of Anuj showing his real thoughts on supporting Maya's statement that Anupama is baised towards her Shah's kids is about to hurt Anupama's sentiments badly. 

Is the end of MaAn; The Perfect Couple is near? 

Or, will Anuj comeback to his Anupama on this HOLI? 

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