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Pandya Store: Maha Episode! Shweta Calls Off Krish & Prerna Engagement ceremony


Pandya Store: Shweta calls off Krish and Prerna’s engagement ceremony

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around the Pandya brother’s coming to Somnath after 7 years.

It was earlier seen that Krish is rich business man in Canada and has come to Somnath as his mother is dying.

He will soon introduce his girl friend to his family and Suman will force him to get engaged with her as soon as possible.

The family will organise a small function to celebrate this occasion.

Shweta on the other hand will soon come to know that Krish is a rich man now and has come to Somnath.

She will be seen coming to Pandya House once again to stop Krish and Prerna’s engagement as she claims to be still married to Krish.

Shweta use Chutki against Pandyas

It is heard that she will use Chutki to enter Pandya House once again.

Will Dhara be able to throw Shweta out of their life or not?

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