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Pandya Store: Suman Acid Test! Prerna Krish engagement ceremony ahead

Pandya Store: Prerna Krish engagement ceremony ahead

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around the show taking a leap of 7 years.

It seems that things have changed in Pandya House as all the brothers have got separated.

Actress Maira Dharti Mehra entered the show as Prerna, Krish’s fiancé.

Suman and Dhara will plan to take Prerna in their team so that they can once again unite the brothers.

Suman will be seen taking Prerna’s test to confirm that she is the right girl for her son. Later she will announce Krish and Prerna’s engagement and will emotional ask her to come together for this occasion as it might be her last time seeing her son together.

Prerna will be seen helping Suman and Dhara in their plan and plays along with them.

Prerna helps Dhara

Will Dhara and Suman be able to bring their family together or not?

Will Raavi and Rishita be able to forgive Dhara or not?

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