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Written By: LGW Desk on October 31, 2022

Pandya Store: Honeymoon trip! On Diwali, Raavi and Shiva to the Goa trip

Pandya Store: Honeymoon trip! On Diwali, Raavi and Shiva to the Goa trip

Star Plus Popular and Top Channel show Pandya Store is currently preparing for high voltage twists and turns with high voltage drama.

The plot will take many interesting twists and turns. Shweta walks away from the kitchen in current's Pandya Store episode.

Shweta overhears Gautam's conversation about celebrating Diwali simply so he can send Raavi and Shiva to the Goa trip on call while walking.

Shweta exclaims with delight, knowing that he can turn it into a jackpot.

Shweta then declares that this Diwali, she will ensure that the Pandya family celebrates in the dark.

Shopping Time for Shweta and Raavi

Later, when Shweta and Raavi go to the market, Shweta advises her not to tell Shiva about Arnav because it will cause an argument between them.

Hearing this, Raavi looks at Shweta, puzzled, but considers Shweta's advice anyway.

Shweta returns home after a while and tells Dhara that she knows Dhara is pleased with Gautam's decision to celebrate Diwali simply.

Dhara looks at Shweta with wide eyes, but Shweta insists that it will save money and allow them to send Shiva and Raavi on vacation to Goa.

Rishita arrives at the same time as Dhara and yells at her for not telling her.

Will Dhara discover Shweta's evil plans in time to save the Pandya family's Diwali?

Will Shweta's plan be successful?

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