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Pandya Store: Suman treats Chiku as outsider pampers Shesh & Mithu

Pandya Store: Suman treats Chiku as an outsider

Star Plus show Pandya Store is revolving around the show taking a leap of 7 years.

It seems that things have changed in Pandya House as all the brothers have got separated.

The show takes a big leap of 7 years and Dhara is seen blaming herself for not being able to hold her family together.

Dhara and Suman now plan to unite the family back.

 After 7 years family will enter the Pandya Nivas.

It seems that Shesh and Mithu break a TV at home in their naughtiness and they blame Chiku for the same.

Chiku informs Suman of the truth but Suman only believes Shesh and Mithu after they reveal the truth.

Suman treats Mithu and Shesh as her own grandsons while Chiku, like he’s an outsider.

Dhara Chiku mission

Dhara and Chiku feels hurt by this and Dhara is determined to make Chiku part of the family.

Will Dhara succeed in her new mission or not?

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