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Spy Bahu: Farid’s death opens can of worms revealing Sejal’s identity

Spy Bahu latest news: Sejal shattered as Farid gets killed and revels her relation with him


Colors TV show Spy Bahu will now showcase the most shocking twist coming up in the show as Sejal’s truth will finally come out in front of Yohan.

Sejal is completely shattered as Abhishek aka Farid Bhai gets shot and killed by police officers.

Sejal lies beside his body and cries profusely.

The police officers get shocked when Sejal cries and says that Abhishek is actually Farid and he is her brother.

Yohan to know Sejal’s truth

Sejal has finally revealed the truth in front of everyone about her true identity and connection with Abhishek.

Sejal is in a hysterical condition and is taken away from there and Yohan reaches there after she leaves.

Will Yohan come to know the truth about Sejal and Farid’s connection and Sejal’s past reality?

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