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Spy Bahu: Sejal rescue mission counters Farid's revenge rage


Spy Bahu latest news: Sejal’s limited time to save Yohan from Abhishek’s revenge plan


The upcoming twist of Colors Tv show Spy Bahu will show some high voltage drama coming up as Sejal finally comes to know the truth about her brother.

Sejal does the DNA test which proves without a doubt that Abhishek is none other than her brother Farid.

Abhishek and Sejal have a face off where he makes his intentions clear to Sejal.

Moreover, Abhishek also tries to convince Sejal that Yohan is their main culprit and he wants revenge.

Sejal to put her own life at risk

However, Sejal knows that Yohan is completely innocent.

Sejal cannot change Abhishek’s doubts about Yohan but she has to save Yohan’s life as Abhishek plans to kill him.

Abhishek gets Yohan kidnapped and ties him up.

Sejal will have to find Yohan and rescue him.

Will Sejal be able to save Yohan before it is too late?

Will Abhishek kill Sejal for the sake of revenge?

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