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Spy Bahu: Unexpected intimate romance leaves Sejal panicked

Spy Bahu latest news: Sejal and Yohan’s shower romance

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Spy Bahu will show that Yohan will decide to end all distances between himself and Sejal but Sejal will be nervous.

Yohan and Sejal have both fallen in love with each other but neither of them have been able to confess their feelings.

Sejal is determined to nab Abhishek and is seen confronting him.  

Sejal is determined to complete her mission and does her job fearlessly, but she is completely weak in front of Yohan.

Sejal nervous and vulnerable in Yohan’s arms

Yohan and Sejal have a beautiful romantic moment as Sejal mistakenly enters the bath are while Yohan is taking a shower and the two are left together alone.

Yohan and Sejal hold onto each other under the shower and a romantic moment gets created.

Sejal is left feeling shy and flushed and finds herself weak and vulnerable in Yohan’s arms.

Will Sejal be able to tell Yohan her reality and will he still love her knowing her truth?

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