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Published By: LGW Desk on July 01, 2022 10:56 AM (IST) | Publication:

Spy Bahu: Yohan’s fear true, Sejal separation time


Spy Bahu latest news: Yohan’s heartwarming gesture for Sejal

The upcoming twist of Colors Tv show Spy Bahu will show that Yohan will be worried thinking that Sejal and his relationship will not last long and she will leave him and go away.

Yohan and Sejal have finally been able to remove misunderstandings between them and get closer but Yohan still does not know the entire truth about Sejal.

Sejal knows that she can never have a normal life with Yohan and knows that someday she will have to leave him.

However, Yohan is unaware about Sejal’s intention and tries to be the best husband.

Sejal’s life at risk

Yohan also keeps a fast for Sejal and she is left overwhelmed by his gesture.

Sejal and Yohan’s relationship will soon fall apart as Sejal has come to know that Farid’s DNA has matched.

Farid will now take the most shocking step to harm Mahira aka Sejal to fulfill his terrorist mission. Will Yohan be able to save his love? Stay tuned to for more updates and news on Spy Bahu.


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