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Written By: LGW Desk on September 16, 2020

India Wali Maa: Rohan insults mother Kaku emotional twist ahead

India Wali Maa: Rohan (Akshay Mhatre) disregards mother Kaku (Suchita Trivedi) 

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap India Wali Maa is taking new turn.

Kaku learns about Rohan's trouble and what all he is dealing with, while Kaku wants to help him.

Kaku tells Rohan that she will do the job and earn to help him, while Rohan insults her.

Rohan asks Kaku who will give job to her at this stage and asks her to not think too much.

Kaku feels bad as how Rohan don't think that she can be of any use to him.

Rohan and Kaku's new dhamaka

Kaku thus tries to talk to Rohan and cares for him as always while Rohan is all cranky and lashes at Kaku.

Kaku now takes stand and lashes Rohan for thinking that he has became too big.

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