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Patiala Babes: Babita takes up fight for Hanuman's innocence

Patiala Babes: Babita (Paridhi Sharma) takes up fight for Hanuman's (Anirudh Dave) innocence 

Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Patiala Babes is gearing up for new drama and twist.

Babita had left Hanuman's house and now she gets to listen to Sardar Singh's allegations over Hanuman.

Imarti's father Sardar Singh asks Nayeem Bi to give statement against Hanuman as how he killed Hanuman.

Nayeem Bi is on Hanuman's side, Babita is shattered to hear all this and now she takes a shocking decision.

Babita confronts Hanuman over Imarti's truth

Babita goes to Hanuman and lashes at him, Babita asks Hanuman to tell all truth what had exactly happened that day.

Hanuman refuses to relive that moment but Babita is all determined this time and thus Hanuman had to speak his heart out.

Babita now takes charge to fight it out for Hanuman's innocence against Sardar Singh.

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