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Jamai Raja: Shabhnam attacks Sid, Roshini's memory revives

Jamai Raja: Shabhnam finds Jyoti Tai's truth attacks Sid, Roshini gets a flashback of memory

The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will show that Sid was trying hard to get his Roshini back.

Sid has disguised himself as Jyoti Tai to get his Roshini back.

Roshini has started liking Sid and wants to know all about her past.

Roshini asks for Jyoti Tai's help to meet Sid and Sid as Jyoti Tai helps Roshini.

Sid-Roshini's love reborn

Roshini and Sid gets romantic together, their Shabhnam doubt's Jyoti Tai.

Shabhnam wants to seperate Sid and Roshini, Shabhnam attacks on Sid.

Shabhnam attacks on Sid's head and injures him, seeing this Roshini gets older flashback.

Roshini remembers how Shabhnam had attacked Sid earlier.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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