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Jamai Raja: Roshini revives, Sid and Roshini reunites

Roshini (Nia Sharma) remembers some part of her life, hugs Sid in Jamai Raja

The upcoming episode will show that Roshini sees Kunal and Shabhnam together.

Roshini shouts at Kunal and leaves, Roshini starts to speak in English and is reviving some part of her memory back.

Shabhnam and Bansiben are frightened to see Roshini's memory reviving back.

There Sid calls Roshini in Chawl and recreate Sid and Roshini's life events through a skit.

The skit shows a bad women killing Sid that is Shabhnam firing bullet at Sid.

Seeing this Roshini gets a flashback and runs away.

Roshini-Sid to reunite back

Roshini hugs Sid and calls him Sid, but latter forgets all.

Sid asks Roshini to try to recall past things but Roshini wasn't able to.

Roshini recalls some parts and is frustrated and tensed and hugs Sid.

Shabhnam sees Sid and Roshini from a distance and smirks.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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