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Jamai Raja: Shabhnam doubt's Jyoti Tai Nerona connection

Jamai Raja: Premal confesses his love for Jyoti Tai, Shabhnam doubt's Jyoti Tai's Nerona connection

The upcoming episode will show that Sid does ghost drama to postpone Kunal and Roshini's marriage.

Sid as Jyoti Tai is happy to see that his plan is getting successful.

While Shabhnam tries to tell Bansiben and Kunal that Jyoti Tai is doing all drama.

But Premal stops her and says that Jyoti is a good lady and she can't do all this.

Shabhnam doubt's Jyoti Tai's involvement with Sid and DD.

Shabhnam doubt's Jyoti Tai

As Shabhnam remembers that Sid and DD had gone to Nerona village.

Bansiben and Premal organizes Shanti Puja and Pandit suggest them to postpone marriage till purnima.

Premal also confesses his love towards Jyoti Tai, while DD smiles hearing this.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes. 

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