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Jamai Raja: Sid's master plan to seperate Kunal-Roshini

Sid (Ravi Dubey) plans to seperate Roshini from Kunal, to bring forth Kunal's truth in Jamai Raja

The upcoming episode will show that Sid has disguised himself as Jyoti Tai and has entered Kunal's house.

Jyoti Tai tries to make Roshini realize her love for Sid.

Sid also tries to recall Roshini's lost memory, and creates situations like earlier.

Roshini feels some connection with Sid and feels for him.

Their Jyoti Tai has planned to bring out Kunal's truth.

Kunal flirts with Shabhnam

Jyoti Tai asks Kunal to flirt with Shabhnam to make Roshini jealous.

While he himself is coming closer to Roshini and confesses his love.

Roshini also likes Sid and feels for him and doesn't likes Kunal.

Let's see Sid's plan gets successful or not.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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