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Anupama: Vanraj excludes Dimple from property matters Anupama brings demands before sign


Anupama: Vanraj confronts the reality for arriving in America Anupama mentions her demands


The Star Plus show Anupama has glued all the entertainment seekers to their seats with pure bliss of drama ongoing in the recent episodes.

As of the ongoing episodes, Vanraj wants to end the hide and seek and get Anupama’s signature.

Thereof Vanraj wants to start the tower project at place of Shah house where he wants Anupama to have no right over the same.

At the same time Toshu asks Vanraj if he will make Dimple and Anupama part of his project.

But as it seems Vanraj has his terms decided as he wants Dimple around the Shah house to get something from him as will.

Anupama has an offer

Knowing Vanraj, Anupama brings her counter offer on table as she wants Baa and Bapuji to get the largest share and Dimple to get added on the list.

As it seems Anupama won’t let her family suffer for Vanraj’s arrogant attitude.

Will Vanraj accept what Anupama has asked him to do before the signature??

Stay tuned and keep tuned to high volume for more updates on Anupama with each upcoming episodes.

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