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Anupama: Twist In Tale!! Paritosh Adhya promise Anupama’s downfall backstabbing own mother


Anupama: Paritosh meets Adhya after everything happened blaming Anupama seeing her fall


The Star Plus stories are coated with twists and curated with drama where Anupama rocks the TRP charts for its stellar performances and storyline.

As of the recent episodes Paritosh is out of jail while he can’t stand the fact that Anupama threw her own son behind the bars.

Following the same, Anuj has cleared the name of Paritosh from the case where Paritosh expects one more chance to work with Anuj.

After this his arrives at Anuj’s place where Anuj refuses to let Toshu get another chance while Adhya has some leftover talk with her brother.

Seeing Choti all grown Paritosh gets emotional while Adhya refuses to accept his as brother after she has cut all ties with Anupama.

Adhya and Paritosh work on same page

Thereof Adhya mentions that Anupama has abandoned her for being adapted but she has not fulfilled her duties for her blood related children as well.

Will the brother and sister pair do something to teach Anupama a lesson for being mother like they wish for??

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