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Anupama: Anupama Vanraj decide fate for Titu Dimple in America with many adventurous storms


Anupama: Titu disclosed his feelings for Dimple as Vanraj interferes shutting down Anupama


The Star Plus show Anupama is gathering all hearts and minds around the TV screens where the fans just love watching the latest episodes.

With the ingoing track Vanraj and the entire Shah house has arrived in America bringing many twists and turns for Anupama after five years.

Following the same Titu has reached in America as well where Vanraj gets irked seeing him there.

As of now Titu has openly accepted his feelings for Dimple where he mentions that he wants to become Dimple’s husband and father for Ansh.

Meanwhile he wants to become the part of Shah house like their son and not take Dimple away.

Vanraj stops Titu's wishes 

As Anupama meets Titu and hears his point of View Vanraj enters in anger where he refuses to let Ansh get father and Dimple marrying Titu.

Thereof Anupama knows that Titu is the right person who will keep Dimple and Ansh happy.

Will Anupama succeed in convincing Vanraj for accepting Titu and Dimple’s love story with open arms??

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