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Anupama: Upcoming Updates!! Whimsical Anupama breaking down Kinjal lends shoulders to cry


Anupama: Kinjal holds Anupama while broken with tears seeing Anuj and Shruti’s togetherness

The Star Plus serial Anupama has taken the heart and minds of Fans who always wants an update on next episodes of the show.

As of the recent episodes, it seems Anupama has sacrificed her love for Anuj yet again for Adhya.

After arriving in America, Anupama has seen how her daughter hates her but she sees mother in Shruti.

Thereof Anuj and Shruti are heading to marry while now Shruti has seen the real Anupama.

With this Anuj wants Anupama and Anuj’s story to continue while Anupama runs away.

Thereof Anupama crashes with Kinjal and seeing Anupama shattered she takes her home.

Anuj and Shruti continue their story

Following this Anupama shares her pain with Kinjal who sees Anuj and Anupama are the right partner and should reunite.

But it seems Anupama won’t let her love for Anuj break Adhya once again as she wants Shruti and Anuj to start their story.

Will Anuj and Anupama’s story get the endgame starting Shruti’s life as Anuj’s wife and Adhya’s mother??

Stay tuned with latest gossips WU and see every update on Anupama right on time.

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