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Anupama: Latest Spoilers and Spillers!! Bodyguard Vanraj chases Dimple’s freedom Titu arrives


Anupama: Titu supports Dimple through thick and thin Vanraj comes to protect his own wishes

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With the recent buzzes it seems Vanraj has seen what is coming after Dimple resumes on dreams.

So far, Dimple has taken the shape of Shah house but she has found love and partner in Titu.

Thereof Vanraj gets insecure as he can never left Ansh leave his side for Dimple to rebuild her life.

For this reason, Vanraj investigates Dimple’s every move while now Dimple has started to answer.

Thereof Vanraj sees how Titu has come to wish her luck on first day at work.

Following the same, Vanraj is ready to turn Dimple’s bodyguard to keep Titu away.

Vanraj encounters Titu with Dimple 

At the same time Titu has promised Mahi and Ishaani that he will come around to meet them.

As it seems Vanraj and Titu are going to meet after all at the dance academy starting new rift.

Will Vanraj lock Dimple once again for fulfilling his wishes??

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