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Anupama: Tuned Gossips of HALLOW HEARTS!! Anuj Shruti’s wedding Anupama chooses Yashdeep


Anupama: Anupama accepts Anuj and Shruti’s wedding buzz Yashdeep holds hand for sad Anupama

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, the Star Plus fans are going to see unlimited drama fuming.

With the ongoing track, Anuj has arrived to meet Anupama where he asks her to return to him.

Anyways Anupama can never break Adhya’s family seeing how her daughter hates her mother.

This makes her take bold decision and refuse Anuj while Shruti learns the truth of Anupama.

Now, Broken Shruti runs errands alone on her birthday while Anupama runs aimlessly on roads.

Thereof Shruti comes in front of car where someone from behind drags him.

At the same time Anupama also sees the car coming to hit her where she gets pulled by someone.

As it seems Yashdeep comes for Anupama where Anuj has lot of talks with Shruti after everything.

Shruti and Anuj's future after Anupama's meeting

Will Shruti agree to marry Anuj after everything that she has seen and learnt about Anupama??

How will Yashdeep handle Anupama after she refuses Anuj to return and closer gets interrupted??

It would be interesting to see all the intriguing latest updates on Anupama.

Stay tuned and keep watching Anupama with your own companion Latest Gossips WU for more.

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