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Anupama: Oozing Twists and Twirling Turns!! Pakhi’s EGO CLUTTERED Adhik enjoys the scenery


Anupama: Adhik makes Pakhi’s blood boil before starting the ultimate battle for daughter’s sake

The Channel of Star Plus ranks on top of the world when Drama is talked and Anupama can never be skipped from the list of entertainment.

As of the ongoing episodes it seems Adhik knows what to do next to make Pakhi regret her choices.

Pakhi and Adhik’s relation isn’t groovy anymore but Adhik is linked for Ishaani.

Anyhow, Pakhi won’t let Adhik meet Ishaani as she calls Adhik loser without any dreams.

Thereof Vanraj stands with Pakhi making her continue her attitude.

This time Adhik wants the change where she has sent the legal notice to Pakhi.

Thereof Vanraj Baa and Bapuji gather around Pakhi showing her the right path to make things right.

But Pakhi won’t settle things with Adhik rather she will make fake case.

Adhik assured win

At the same time Adhik is seen lurking from window what’s happening inside the Shah house.

He knows Pakhi’s ego has been shattered and she will take wrong steps further.

Thereof Adhik is ready to fight for Ishaani and it seems Pakhi won’t like what’s coming.

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