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Anupama: Spiralling with Gossips!! Anupama assembles broken pieces Yashdeep encourages love


Anupama: Yashdeep encouraged Anupama to answer the past boldly Anuj gets the chance to talk

Star Plus serial Anupama has boned millions of hearts who can never stop talking about the drama.

As of the ongoing and recent episodes it seems Anupama is tired by the bonds in relations.

Five years back Anupama heard Anuj and Choti loud and clear on how they aren’t happy with her burdens.

This made Anupama choose loneliness for her loved ones and now Anuj is back with questions.

At the same time Adhya has cleared that she hates Anupama and never wants her to return.

This makes Anupama pack her bags while Anuj wants the answers on why Anupama left him.

Thereof Anupama starts packing her bags but Yashdeep erases the line asking what’s the past says.

Yashdeep makes Anupama Anuj talk

There Yashdeep adds if Anupama thinks Anuj is happy with her choice.

This makes Anupama decide to talk to Anuj anyways where it seems Yashdeep has awakened the love for Anuj and Anupama.

Will Yashdeep turn cupid for Anuj and Anupama to clear the misunderstandings grown for years??

Stay tuned and continue watching Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more updates coming.

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