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Anupama: Driving to the Edge of Spoilers!! Anuj forthcoming for Adhya’s wedding plans with Shruti


Anupama: Adhya goes out of control for Anuj and Shruti’s wedding excluding Anupama’s chapter

The Father and Daughter relation of Anuj and Adhya in Anupama is melting hearts of the fans of Star Plus waiting for next episodes.

Here we have seen how Anupama has finally found that Adhya is her Choti along with seeing hate in eyes for her mother.

This makes Anupama break where she hears Choti talking about Anuj and Shruti’s relation.

Meanwhile she has mentioned that Anuj is marrying Shruti and she will be her mother soon.

Thereof Shruti makes Anuj meet Anupama as stranger where Anuj asks Anupama for talk.

Strangely, Anupama leaves where Adhya reveals how she has insulted Anupama.

This makes Anuj worried as now he knows why Anupama won’t talk to him.

Anuj and Anupama bring wrong gesture for Shruti

Moreover, Anuj is shocked to see how Adhya has turned negative for her mother and he wants Shruti to learn the truth before she gets wrong idea.

Thereof Anuj is heading to let Anupama know the conditions for marry Shruti as Anupama agrees for the meet.

Let’s see how this turns out with latest gossips WU for more updates on Anupama.

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