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Anupama: Gossips of Conspired Wired of Hearts!! Yashdeep oversteps Paritosh for Anupama


Anupama: Paritosh’s crooked reasons for taking Anupama exposed Yashdeep closes the door

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, the true Star Plus fans are seeing many twists and turns.

With the recent updates, Anupama has eased Paritosh with her entry in his home in America.

Till now Paritosh has hated his mother whereas seeing how Anupama has brought homely feel makes him think otherwise.

Thereof Adhya gets worried that Anupama will return in her life where she stomps her and lashes.

This makes Anupama unconscious seeing how her own children are hating her in spite of distance.

Thereof Kinjal and Paritosh meet Anupama at Yashdeep’s place but Paritosh makes clear that Anupama’s expenses are not his.

This makes Yashdeep think Anupama’s situation as her children are not exactly the most good ones.

Yashdeep firm no for Anupama leaving 

As it seems now Kinjal is ready to take Anupama home while Yashdeep won’t let Anupama leave with Kinjal and Paritosh for their selfish reasons.

Will Anupama get separated from Kinjal and Paritosh once again after years of meeting again??

Let’s wait and get hooked to Star Plus for more episodes and updates coming.

Stay tuned and keep watching Anupama along with latest gossips WU for more updates.

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