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Anupama: Ultimatum of Gossips!! Shruti introduces Anuj Anupama with wedding invitation


Anupama: Shruti inaugurates Anuj meeting Joshi Ben AKA Anupama with newsflash of wedding

In the upcoming episodes of Anupama, the Star Plus story will bring intriguing twists and turns.

As of the ongoing episodes, it seems Anuj wants one chance to talk to Anupama after he sees her around in America.

Knowing that Anupama is none other than Joshi Ben, Anuj wants Shruti to learn their truth.

But it seems fate will make Shruti reintroduce Anuj and Anupama after year long waiting.

So far, Spice and Chutney is starting new journey with renovation and Anupama back at work.

Thereof Anuj arrives while Shruti is seen waiting for him at the restaurant.

There Shruti gets excited that finally Joshi Ben and Anuj are meeting.

As Shruti is unaware that Joshi Ben is actually Anuj’s Anupama she mentions about her wedding.

Anupama breaking down moment

This breaks Anupama as tears are seen rolling down her cheek.

How will Anuj and Anupama reembrace their love story after Shruti brings them in one frame?

Will Shruti explore what has happened in past between Anuj and Anupama that separated them??

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